Vergangene Events 1997


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December 11th, 1997


Software Ergonomics Annual General Meeting

Generalversammlung der Fachgruppe

November 27th, 1997

Visualizing Complex Information

Matthew Chalmers, UBILAB (UBS Research Lab)


Matthew Chalmers gave an overview of the UBILAB Information Visualization Group recent work on visualisation techniques for complex, high-dimensional information and their application to textual documents, time series data, financial trade records and Excel spreadsheets. Work on two complementary areas was covered: firstly algorithms for finding 'map positions' in a 2- or 3-dimensional space which represent the similarities and patterns in a body of high dimensional data, and secondly the 'map symbols' and interaction with such a map.

For more information visit the UBILAB Information Visualization Group Website

October 30th, 1997

3D GUI Design

Philipp Ackermann, Echtzeit-Perspectix AG

We gained an insight into some interesting projects of that company, mainly in the field of data visualisation based on 3D representations.

September 25th, 1997

Re-design of our Website

Coordinator: Patrick Steiger; Moderator: Christian Hauri, ErgoConsult

This event provided the extraordinary opportunity to actively participate a guided workshop on the re-design of the existing website of this software ergonomics (SWE) special interest group (SIG) using the metaplan technique.

September 4th, 1997

Metaphor Design

by Daniel Gerkens, UBS and Christian Hauri, ErgoConsult

Die Art, wie wir denken, Erfahrungen machen, und was wir täglich tun, ist weitgehend von Metaphern bestimmt.