Vergangene Events 2000


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Thursday, November 30th 2000


Usability Lab Support

Dr. Ruud Derix, Noldus Information Technology, Freiburg

Venue: ETH, Clausiusstreet 25, Zurich. Room B81. The talk begins at 18:30 hours, Thursday 30th of November 2000.


Noldus offers support for the equipment of Usability labs. Its program Observer is used in many labs. The presentation will show the possibilities of this and other software, and offers the opportunity to ask questions to the supplier directly.

Thursday, October 26th 2000

Connected Planet

(or how to predict the future?)

by Dr. Greg Breinholt, i-prototypes (Köln)

Venue: ETH, Clausiusstreet 25, Zurich. Room B81. The talk begins at 18:30 hours, Thursday 25th of January 2001.


In the new consumer communications marketplace people will have unlimited access, at any time and any place, to information, entertainment and communication opportunities. Are they plausible? Are they preferable? Are they viable? Are they sustainable? A case-study showing one method of developing products and services that support the future communication needs will be presented.

Thursday, September 2000

Visit of the UBS Usablity Lab

Michael Richter, UBS Zürich

Thursday, August 31th 2000

Information overload: what it is and HCI's role

Ron Hyams

Venue: ETH, Clausiusstreet 25, Zurich. Room B81. The talk begins at 18:30 hours, Thursday 31th of August 2000.


Introduction the discussion topic Review current IO definitions HSG, Enterprise Knowledge Medium Telecom Norway Ron Hyams Discuss the Information Quality work of Prof. R. Wang, Total Data Quality Management, MIT Critique and agree on a definition for IO If possible, publish the results

Thursday, June 29th 2000

Benutzervertrauen in E-Shops: Messmethoden und Designkriterien

Matthias Kammerer, Uni Zürich


Es sollte empirisch und theoriegeleitet ermittelt werden, welche gestalterischen und inhaltlichen Faktoren von eCommerce-Shops die Vertrauenswürdigkeit der Anbieter beeinflussen und ob die wahrgenommene Vertrauenswürdigkeit eines Anbieters mit einem höheren «commitment» der Benutzer einhergeht.

Thursday, May 25th 2000

Usability Engineering In Harmony

UE in a low budget project... it is possible!

Speaker: Susanne Ulltjaern, Ascom AG and Kimmo Ulltjaern, Crosspoint Informatic AG


A case study on how usability engineering was integrated and met (by developers, project leaders and test users) in the development of a web application system for Intelligent Network services, but also some usability problems found during tests will be discussed.

Ascom AG
Lehrsaal Attika, Top floor (A)
Frankenstrasse 70
Bern Bümpliz Süd

Thursday, April 27th 2000

Review of the CHI 2000 Conference «The future is here»

Markus Stolze, Daniel Felix, Michael Richter, Patrick Steiger

This year's ACM CHI conference took place in The Hague (NL) As a result of this physical closeness a larger-than-usual number of Swiss HCI interested people attended the conference. At this month's Software Ergonomics/SwissCHI event we will review the highlights of the conference. A number of people who attended already agreed to present "their" highlight. If you attended CHI, come and let the others know what you liked best (or least). If you did not attend CHI, come and hear the reports, and watch a most interesting sequences from the CHI video proceedings we brought home.

Thursday, February 24th 2000

Technische Dokumentation die verstanden wird

Catherine Badras, Geschäftsleiterin Dokman AG

Eine Vielzahl von Bedienungselementen, schlecht angeordnet. Unverständliche Symbole, unklaren Abläufe und Dialoge. Wer kennt solche Probleme bei der Nutzung von Maschinen, Geräten und Software nicht. Schlimm, wenn dann auch die Technische Dokumentation – die Bedienungsanleitung – nicht weiterhilft.

Nutzungsfreundlichkeit heisst das Stichwort.
Der Vortrag zeigt, wie Struktur, Inhalt und Gestaltung die Verständlichkeit und Nutzungsfreundlichkeit von Technischer Dokumentation bestimmen. Er soll als Anregung dienen, wie Ergonomen, Konstrukteure und Kommunikationsfachleute gemeinsam Produkte verständlicher machen können.

Thursday, Januar 27th 2000

Usability of e-commerce

Pascal Magnenat

Venue:18:30, ETH-Zentrum, Clausiusstrasse 25, Building NW, Room B81, CH-8092 Zurich


For most users, order an item on the web is difficult: only one out of 13 users has successfully ordered all the items on the 9 sites tested; usability varies a lot from one site to another: twice as many users have placed an order on La Cave (85%) than on the SBB site (39%) ; in half the time.
users are very sensible to the ease of use and are not willing to make a disappointing experience twice!